Hold On

don't give up love. have faith. restart. just hold on.

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I can promise more info about Bethany Young, a return to Radley, Aria and Ezra will come together for the holiday. Not only that but her parents may also finally be able to make peace with the fact the teacher is dating their daughter. Also someone from Emily’s past will make an unexpected and bold move. Caleb will uncover a major secret regarding Hanna. And Spencer will get a look at Toby in his Uniform. And finally, The girls believe Ali’s acceptance of the polygraph test is the Ultimate Betrayal and are left scrambling over what she will reveal. They feel like Ali is trying to sabotage them, because afterall if Ali can’t play with her dolls anymore what use are they to her?
Marlene King on the #FatalFinale (via fuckyeslittleliars)